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Gemini and Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s message is clear in these spunky tees and baby rompers for all space enthusiasts – GET YOUR ASS TO MARS (GYATM).  “Dr. Rendezvous” sported the prototype at the 2014 Comic-Con, and other stops along the tour for the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo program, and has been wearing them ever since. Now, fellow astronauts, celebrities and space lobbyists across the world have joined Buzz in shouting this message with these trendy shirts!

And after months of anticipation, Buzz has now brought back his official Get Your Ass To Mars (GYATM) tee-shirts, this time with his signature on the front and a Buzz Aldrin trademarked label. AND all proceeds will benefit the nonprofit Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation which addresses science literacy by inspiring children in science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Variations of the shirts are also now available for children and babies!

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